Chicken barbecue – Thai style

by smth good on March 12, 2011

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While visiting Phuket (Thailand) last February, two amazing things happened: I found out that I was pregnant and I ate the most delicious barbecued chicken thighs ever! So, one year later, trying to recreate that superb taste (yes, I know, the beach is missing) we came up with this recipe. Serves 2, prep. time 1 [...]


Chicken wings – Mexican style

by smth good on March 2, 2011

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Well, they are not exactly recommended for those trying to lose weight, but they are juicy, spicy and hot. These chicken wings in Mexican style, served with quesadilla and guacamole, are quite a lunch for those in search of some extra-calories . There is a curious similarity in flavors, up to a point, between Mexican and [...]


Sweet&sour chicken stir-fry

by smth good 15 January 2011 meat&poultry
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A classic recipe on the menus of Chinese restaurants around the world (and I mean all the other countries except China ), this sweet&sour stir-fry is a delicious and quick dish that goes well with a simple white rice. And it’s probably the most recommended recipe to start with when starting to cook Chinese and, [...]

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Ajo blanco – Garlic cream soup

by smth good 5 January 2011 soups
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Ajo blanco (white garlic, in Spanish) is a cold cream soup with almond milk, garlic, bread and olive oil. It’s one of the most special recipes in the Iberian Peninsula, older than gazpacho with such a fresh and unique flavor. Served chilled with white grapes sliced in halves, this creamy soup is a marvelous surprise [...]

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