Black Locust Flower Doughnuts

by smth good on May 4, 2012

in desserts

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Our locust trees are in bloom. I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel having my ice tea on the terrace in the morning. It’s bliss, it’s close to perfection. But as you are aware, locust flowers don’t last long. As a matter of fact, they are in full bloom for a [...]


Lemon Cream

by smth good on February 6, 2012

in desserts

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Well, it’s snowing a lot over here since mid January and it doesn’t seem to stop. With so much snow around, traffic is just one of those things I’m avoiding . Cooking, on the other hand, seems the perfect past time for me and my family, especially during weekends when preparing a three course meal [...]


Plum cake

by smth good 6 September 2011 desserts
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Each year on the 1st of September, I start looking for signs of autumn. I love autumn or at least the idea of it. Nice temperatures, exquisite sunsets, fallen leaves are the best premises for long meditative walks as one can see in the movies. No signs of autumn here yet – temperatures are still [...]

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No-bake white chocolate cheesecake

by smth good 5 August 2011 desserts
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It’s one of the coolest summers I’ve ever experienced over here. Appart from few torrid days back in July, mornings are delightfully cool and even at noon temperatures are bearable. Yes, it’s one of the coolest summers and I must confess I’m totally enjoying it. It’s a pleasure to cook and to bake. It’s a pleasure [...]

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Sour cherries & brownie ice cream

by smth good 15 July 2011 desserts
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It’s almost the end of sour cherries’ season so I must confess desserts with sour cherries were on top of our list and there was no weekend without one. Besides all kinds of clafoutis, pancakes, mousses or baked cakes, there is one dessert that I like so much I have to make it at least [...]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

by smth good 19 June 2011 desserts
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It’s so hot these days. Too hot for any kind of meal, except ice cream . So, chocolate ice cream is the recipe I want to share with you today. I was in the mood for a creamy, rich chocolate ice cream and I came across a jar of Gianera hazelnut spread. It’s similar to [...]

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Panna cotta with lemon and strawberry purée

by smth good 15 May 2011 desserts
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It’s Sunday so we are in the mood for a fresh dessert to celebrate this spectacular weather; summer is finally here. And what could be the perfect way to celebrate if not this light panna cotta with a fresh strawberry purée? Utensils: blender, sauce pan, sieve, ramekins (or any other forms) Serves 8; prep. time [...]

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Chicken barbecue – Thai style

by smth good 12 March 2011 meat&poultry
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While visiting Phuket (Thailand) last February, two amazing things happened: I found out that I was pregnant and I ate the most delicious barbecued chicken thighs ever! So, one year later, trying to recreate that superb taste (yes, I know, the beach is missing) we came up with this recipe. Serves 2, prep. time 1 [...]

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Oreo, cherries & mascarpone cake

by smth good 7 March 2011 desserts
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Visiting many of the cooking blogs (mainly those from the States), I was always surprised to see so often Oreo biscuits and Nutella. There were so many recipes featuring one or both of these ingredients that I succumbed to trying them myself. So let me introduce you to a cake featuring Oreo biscuits. Utensils: a springform [...]

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Sweet pasta with ice cream and mellon

by smth good 4 March 2011 desserts
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Sugar craving hits me every day around 3 in the afternoon. I turn into a hunter around the kitchen in the search for something sweet. So, it was one afternoon around 3 o’clock when my husband surprized me with this marvelous feast – a meal-dessert for those loving pasta, and fruit, and ice cream . [...]

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