Chicken Biryani

by smth good on November 30, 2011

in meat&poultry,pasta&risotto

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After our adventure with the Uzbek plov, we have continued to cook rice in all kinds and forms: pilaf, risotto and now… biryani. It’s a complete dish, full of flavours and richness; it takes almost 2 hours to prepare it but it’s worth it – slow food as comfort food, I like to call it. [...]


Duck Red Curry

by smth good on July 1, 2011

in meat&poultry

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This one is one of the most refined Thai curry, a red curry with duck and grapes (Gaeng phed ped yang, in Thai). Its unique flavors go from hot to sweet&sour, with a hint of fruit sweetness and delicate texture. It’s Thailand in a bowl, beautifully styled and presented, just as those gorgeous women and [...]


Turkey in pineapple and Madeira sauce

by smth good 30 January 2011 meat&poultry
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In the mood for a good steak of some sort, I stormed right to the freezer to look for raw materials. Two giant turkey wings were just at my eyes’ level, ready to fly off the rack. Now, there is a bit of a problem when dealing with turkey wings – they are big but [...]

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Sweet&sour chicken stir-fry

by smth good 15 January 2011 meat&poultry
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A classic recipe on the menus of Chinese restaurants around the world (and I mean all the other countries except China ), this sweet&sour stir-fry is a delicious and quick dish that goes well with a simple white rice. And it’s probably the most recommended recipe to start with when starting to cook Chinese and, [...]

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