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Tuna and pasta salad

by smth good on June 13, 2011

in fish&seafood,pasta&risotto,salads

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I like pasta. A lot. During these hot days I wanted something with pasta, of course, but refreshing. So, I chose a cold salad with pasta, tuna and a nice vinaigrette, served chilled. A nice lunch, indeed! Serves 2, prep. time 30 minutes Ingredients: 200 grams spaghetti 1 tuna can (chunks, not flakes; in water) [...]


Turkey scallopine with lemon and capers sauce

by smth good on February 8, 2011

in meat&poultry

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Scallopine, escalope, schnitzel or scallop. I must confess that I was quite confused the first time I saw veal scallop on a menu wondering what a bivalve had to do with veal . Thinly pounded meat coated with flour, quickly sauteed in butter & oil – it’s a quick and easy way to cook meat [...]


Bean salad with a Greek twist

by smth good 27 January 2011 salads
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During the fasting period, it’s quite popular around here to prepare beans salads in a very simple manner – putting together some boiled beans with chopped onion and a classic vinaigrette (oil, vinegar, salt and pepper). Usually, this salad is prepared with beans boiled a day before and used also for other dishes. And if you [...]

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Rhubarb pure with berries

by smth good 21 January 2011 desserts
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Don’t blame me for posting these spring or summer recipes, but it’s snowing outside and I need to do something to prevent a break-down. Or at least to diminish its consequences. Let’s see how a rhubarb pure can lighten up anyone’s day. Well, it’s one of those ingredients not very easy to find, highly seasonal, [...]

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Chicken legs with couscous and pomegranates

by smth good 14 January 2011 meat&poultry
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A simple and efficient way to use the chicken legs after preparing a hearty chicken stock, served with a perfect side dish inspired by the fascinating Arab cuisine that combines sweet and aromatic with fresh and spicy ingredients. I love couscous in this particular combination – with fresh mint and astringent pulp of pomegranates. Serves [...]

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Strawberry mousse

by smth good 11 January 2011 desserts
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This dessert was one of my favorite sweets when I was a child. My mom used to prepare it with the remaining strawberries and the egg whites that were left out of all other chocolate desserts. A handful of fresh strawberries + a couple of egg whites = LOVE! I love this mousse during hot [...]

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Scallops with mushrooms (Video recipe)

by smth good 7 January 2011 appetizers
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When we have prepared this recipe for our online culinary magazine, we stared at the scallops first. It’s a ritual, really. They are so beautiful and delicate and they taste heavenly! Like many other seafood, scallops do not need intense cooking as you don’t want to turn them into rubber. This is a simple, yet [...]

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