Asparagus cream soup

by smth good on April 26, 2011

in soups

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We are still in Italy for our Easter vacation and I’m the lucky winner of a free and quite afternoon. Sipping from a great espresso ristretto and enjoying a real gelatto make me wanna share with you some goodies. Hence, this exquisite cream soup that goes well as a light dinner – the main ingredient [...]


Venison bourguignon

by smth good on March 19, 2011

in meat&poultry

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Traditionally cooked with beef, this rich stew has a certain charm when cooked with venison and served on a chilly evening. Slow food staple, beef (or in this case venison) bourguignon must be cooked with a good Burgundy wine. I used a Merlot for the recipe below, a good choice judging from the result. Some [...]


Oreo, cherries & mascarpone cake

by smth good 7 March 2011 desserts
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Visiting many of the cooking blogs (mainly those from the States), I was always surprised to see so often Oreo biscuits and Nutella. There were so many recipes featuring one or both of these ingredients that I succumbed to trying them myself. So let me introduce you to a cake featuring Oreo biscuits. Utensils: a springform [...]

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Sweet pasta with ice cream and mellon

by smth good 4 March 2011 desserts
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Sugar craving hits me every day around 3 in the afternoon. I turn into a hunter around the kitchen in the search for something sweet. So, it was one afternoon around 3 o’clock when my husband surprized me with this marvelous feast – a meal-dessert for those loving pasta, and fruit, and ice cream . [...]

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Baked fennel with parmesan

by smth good 11 February 2011 side dishes
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It looks like a huge onion and it tastes like a combo of celery and cabbage, with a hint of licorice. Most of all, I like its crispy texture when slightly baked. If you are not a fan of its crispy texture as I am, you can cut it in smaller slices or blanch it [...]

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Turkey scallopine with lemon and capers sauce

by smth good 8 February 2011 meat&poultry
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Scallopine, escalope, schnitzel or scallop. I must confess that I was quite confused the first time I saw veal scallop on a menu wondering what a bivalve had to do with veal . Thinly pounded meat coated with flour, quickly sauteed in butter & oil – it’s a quick and easy way to cook meat [...]

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Turkey in pineapple and Madeira sauce

by smth good 30 January 2011 meat&poultry
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In the mood for a good steak of some sort, I stormed right to the freezer to look for raw materials. Two giant turkey wings were just at my eyes’ level, ready to fly off the rack. Now, there is a bit of a problem when dealing with turkey wings – they are big but [...]

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Cute deviled eggs

by smth good 29 January 2011 appetizers
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They are popular in many parts of the world, but in Romania deviled eggs are mandatory appetizers. For Christmas and Easter. And weddings. And birthday parties. And regular Sundays. They might be used as a grading systems for any household and any cook though recipes over here are pretty standardized: boiled egg yolks, mustard, mayonnaise [...]

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Stuffed French toast with smoked ham

by smth good 26 January 2011 snacks
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It’a a common fact that French toast was not created in France, but we still call it French. Usually sweet, the French toast has made quite a career, solo or stuffed with fruit all over the world. Italians are eating it stuffed with mozzarella, so we thought to stuff it with smoked ham. Why not? [...]

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Plum dumplings

by smth good 24 January 2011 desserts
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Reminiscence of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire, plum dumplings can be encountered in most of  East European countries. A juice plum core surrounded by sturdy potato dough, all of it covered in sweet buttery bread crumbs and served with sour cream and jam. Quite savory and might be served as a light lunch in some households, but [...]

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