Porcini stuffed peppers

by smth good on August 15, 2011

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It was called “the wild mushroom par excellence” (by the Italian chef Antonio Carluccio) and it’s one of the most appreciated edible mushrooms in European cuisines. It’s Boletus edulis / porcini (Italy) / penny bun (UK) / cèpe (France) and it is Europe’s second most sought-after mushroom after truffles. Wait, there’s more : it has lots [...]


Cream of tomato soup

by smth good on July 7, 2011

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Inspired by the Italian Zuppa di pomodoro, this cream of tomato soup is delicate and elegant. We have served it as a first course for a dinner with friends and, well, it was a good choice, with mint and basil smoothly combined in a creamy tomato puree. Serves 4, prep. time 50 minutes Utensils: a [...]


Veggie noodles

by smth good 23 May 2011 pasta&risotto
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Noodles with nothing but cabbage, onion and pepper? Oh, yes! A magnificent monument of simplicity in the kitchen. This recipe is traditionally cooked in Transilvania during the fasting periods (before Easter or Christmas) but I like it also during hot summer days when I am in mood for something veggie, other than salads. Utensils: a [...]

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Cream of sweet corn soup

by smth good 25 February 2011 soups
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Snow again over here, lots of it; and I am almost in a Christmas mood. Or maybe it’s just the cold outside, who knows… What made my evening bright was this cup of sweet corn soup served with crispy onion and some crunchy crackers. A feast, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, a feast that I highly [...]

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Quinoa pure with cottage cheese

by smth good 22 February 2011 side dishes
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As I wrote in a previous post, quinoa is quite in trend these days and used a lot for vegan food and as a substitute for rice or pasta. This time, we decided to mash it and combine it with cheese and some fresh chives and parsley. It was excellent! A real treat, especially if [...]

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Baked fennel with parmesan

by smth good 11 February 2011 side dishes
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It looks like a huge onion and it tastes like a combo of celery and cabbage, with a hint of licorice. Most of all, I like its crispy texture when slightly baked. If you are not a fan of its crispy texture as I am, you can cut it in smaller slices or blanch it [...]

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Aglio, olio & peperoncini

by smth good 28 January 2011 pasta&risotto
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Cooking pasta for lunch or dinner has always been a blissful occupation and as I said before a cinematographic experience – just like in the movie, one of us was boiling pasta in a tall pot and the other was stirring into a sauce of some sort and we ended up kissing each other. Gosh, [...]

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Eggplant salad

by smth good 25 January 2011 salads
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It’s time for another Romanian specialty – mashed eggplant salad (salata de vinete). A vivid memory in my nose, the smell of grilled aubergines is so distinct and mouth-watering. This was the only way my mom used to cook eggplants – grilled until covered with black ash crust, carefully skinned while still warm with hands [...]

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Polenta with feta & cream sauce

by smth good 18 January 2011 veggie
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In this part of the world, polenta (called mamaliga in Romanian) used to be a staple food in the rural areas. Much thicker than polenta, the Romanian version could be cut in slices and served as a substitute for bread. It was a healthy alternative too as it has no cholesterol and no fat. When [...]

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Arugula with strawberries & almonds

by smth good 6 January 2011 salads
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In the summer we love to make the most out of our outdoor grill. And we grill. Lots and lots of meat, to start with. So this salad recipe is just a normal follow-up. I really appreciate its freshness and the combination of fruits and nuts (i.e. almonds in this case). It goes perfectly with [...]

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