Broccoli, lime and shrimp cream soup

by smth good on October 23, 2011

in soups

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Enjoy a light dinner with this spectacular cream soup – broccoli with a splash of lime and topped with spicy shrimps. Serves 4, prep. time 40 minutes Utensils: a skillet, a blender, a frying pan Ingredients: 1,2 kilograms frozen broccoli 600 ml vegetable stock 200 ml heavy cream 1 tbsp grated lime zest 5 tbsp [...]


Cream of tomato soup

by smth good on July 7, 2011

in soups,veggie

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Inspired by the Italian Zuppa di pomodoro, this cream of tomato soup is delicate and elegant. We have served it as a first course for a dinner with friends and, well, it was a good choice, with mint and basil smoothly combined in a creamy tomato puree. Serves 4, prep. time 50 minutes Utensils: a [...]


Asparagus cream soup

by smth good 26 April 2011 soups
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We are still in Italy for our Easter vacation and I’m the lucky winner of a free and quite afternoon. Sipping from a great espresso ristretto and enjoying a real gelatto make me wanna share with you some goodies. Hence, this exquisite cream soup that goes well as a light dinner – the main ingredient [...]

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Cream of sweet corn soup

by smth good 25 February 2011 soups
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Snow again over here, lots of it; and I am almost in a Christmas mood. Or maybe it’s just the cold outside, who knows… What made my evening bright was this cup of sweet corn soup served with crispy onion and some crunchy crackers. A feast, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, a feast that I highly [...]

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Salmon & shrimp soup

by smth good 17 February 2011 fish&seafood
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Whenever I try out a new restaurant I grade it by its fish soup (where I can find one on the menu). I am really picky when it comes to fish soups, although I like them all: bouillabaisse, Ostende fish soup, Cullen Skink, the Hungarian and the Romanian fisherman’s soups, the Greek psarosoupa, miso soup. [...]

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Nettles cream soup

by smth good 21 January 2011 soups
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My husband is writing a music play for children about Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and you can easily imagine what we’ve been listening over and over again these days . Maybe this is the reason why I’m so strongly craving for a stingy nettles cream soup and longing for spring to come. A little bit [...]

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Ajo blanco – Garlic cream soup

by smth good 5 January 2011 soups
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Ajo blanco (white garlic, in Spanish) is a cold cream soup with almond milk, garlic, bread and olive oil. It’s one of the most special recipes in the Iberian Peninsula, older than gazpacho with such a fresh and unique flavor. Served chilled with white grapes sliced in halves, this creamy soup is a marvelous surprise [...]

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