Chicken Biryani

by smth good on November 30, 2011

in meat&poultry,pasta&risotto

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After our adventure with the Uzbek plov, we have continued to cook rice in all kinds and forms: pilaf, risotto and now… biryani. It’s a complete dish, full of flavours and richness; it takes almost 2 hours to prepare it but it’s worth it – slow food as comfort food, I like to call it. [...]


Tuna and pasta salad

by smth good on June 13, 2011

in fish&seafood,pasta&risotto,salads

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I like pasta. A lot. During these hot days I wanted something with pasta, of course, but refreshing. So, I chose a cold salad with pasta, tuna and a nice vinaigrette, served chilled. A nice lunch, indeed! Serves 2, prep. time 30 minutes Ingredients: 200 grams spaghetti 1 tuna can (chunks, not flakes; in water) [...]


Veggie noodles

by smth good 23 May 2011 pasta&risotto
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Noodles with nothing but cabbage, onion and pepper? Oh, yes! A magnificent monument of simplicity in the kitchen. This recipe is traditionally cooked in Transilvania during the fasting periods (before Easter or Christmas) but I like it also during hot summer days when I am in mood for something veggie, other than salads. Utensils: a [...]

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Uzbek Lamb Plov

by smth good 4 April 2011 meat&poultry
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There are various rice dishes with meat and/or vegetables that are cooked especially for celebration moments (weddings, funerals etc) in many parts of the world. The Uzbek Plov is one of them; staple food in Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union), this dish is similar to pilaf and it is traditionally cooked with mutton or lamb, onion, [...]

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Aglio, olio & peperoncini

by smth good 28 January 2011 pasta&risotto
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Cooking pasta for lunch or dinner has always been a blissful occupation and as I said before a cinematographic experience – just like in the movie, one of us was boiling pasta in a tall pot and the other was stirring into a sauce of some sort and we ended up kissing each other. Gosh, [...]

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Sweet chili salmon

by smth good 23 January 2011 fish&seafood
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A fusion way of preparing salmon in Thai manner served with pesto tagliatelle – my husband called it IThailian salmon. A must-try combination of flavors and textures when in need of something exotic yet familiar – I’m in the mood for something new yet I’m so hungry that I wouldn’t try something completely outrageous mood. [...]

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Spaghetti with anchovy, tomatoes and basil

by smth good 16 January 2011 pasta&risotto
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Pasta seems to be the international symbol of an easy-to-cook meal at home. You see it in the movies  - he, prince charming, is cooking pasta to impress her, single but beautiful; (it’s true that in the movies all they cook is spaghetti with bolognese ragu but that is another story). Pasta is also an [...]

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Risotto milanese

by smth good 12 January 2011 pasta&risotto
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Risotto is not just the generic name for rice in Italian (riso is the Italian word for rice), but also the unique way of cooking it in Italy. Creamy and rich, yet al dente (firm, but not hard), risotto is different from Asian rice or from other rice dishes (pilaf etc). Cooking risotto takes patience [...]

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