Salmon with thyme and capers

by smth good on July 26, 2011

in fish&seafood

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Yes, I know, fish again . I told you that my New Year’s resolution was to eat more fish. I keep coming back to salmon fillet cause it reminds me so well of real meat – don’t judge. After trying this amazing salmon with red wine, I decided to cook salmon fillets with thyme and [...]


Tuna and pasta salad

by smth good on June 13, 2011

in fish&seafood,pasta&risotto,salads

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I like pasta. A lot. During these hot days I wanted something with pasta, of course, but refreshing. So, I chose a cold salad with pasta, tuna and a nice vinaigrette, served chilled. A nice lunch, indeed! Serves 2, prep. time 30 minutes Ingredients: 200 grams spaghetti 1 tuna can (chunks, not flakes; in water) [...]


Fish burgers

by smth good 11 April 2011 fish&seafood
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I know it’s quite late to talk about New Year’s resolutions with Easter coming and the spring floating in the air. I know also that fish is the core of ¬†any gourmand’s resolutions (I am one of those focussing on fish this year at a statement level, at least). Don’t get me wrong. I like [...]

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Mini brochettes with peanut butter sauce

by smth good 16 March 2011 fish&seafood
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I was asked recently what cuisine I like the best. Difficult answer, ladies and gentlemen, as I can not make up my mind so easily. I always want to try new dishes, new flavors and combinations. While visiting South East Asia and trying all those exotic tastes, I came across Vietnamese food, such an amazing [...]

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Salmon & shrimp soup

by smth good 17 February 2011 fish&seafood
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Whenever I try out a new restaurant I grade it by its fish soup (where I can find one on the menu). I am really picky when it comes to fish soups, although I like them all: bouillabaisse, Ostende fish soup, Cullen Skink, the Hungarian and the Romanian fisherman’s soups, the Greek psarosoupa, miso soup. [...]

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Sweet chili salmon

by smth good 23 January 2011 fish&seafood
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A fusion way of preparing salmon in Thai manner served with pesto tagliatelle – my husband called it IThailian salmon. A must-try combination of flavors and textures when in need of something exotic yet familiar – I’m in the mood for something new yet I’m so hungry that I wouldn’t try something completely outrageous mood. [...]

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Salmon in red wine & thyme sauce

by smth good 10 January 2011 fish&seafood
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My previous experiences with diet food led to giving up all diets forever . Diet recipes were completely tasteless and made me miserable. All I could think was to find a perfect excuse to get off the diet and taste some delicious food that my husband was cooking 2 feet away from me. I started [...]

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Scallops with mushrooms (Video recipe)

by smth good 7 January 2011 appetizers
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When we have prepared this recipe for our online culinary magazine, we stared at the scallops first. It’s a ritual, really. They are so beautiful and delicate and they taste heavenly! Like many other seafood, scallops do not need intense cooking as you don’t want to turn them into rubber. This is a simple, yet [...]

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Shrimps and boiled egg sandwich

by smth good 9 December 2010 fish&seafood
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When we visit my son’s godparents, we usually get a bite of this delicious Swedish sandwich. It’s so simple, yet tasty and good looking . If you have some shrimps laying in the fridge, use them to prepare this colorful snack. Serves 2, prep. time 15 minutes (+ 10 more minute to boil the egg) [...]

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