Omelette with wild asparagus

by smth good on May 4, 2011

in appetizers

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Our Easter holiday gave us the opportunity to travel through 4 countries: Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We visited great places, met interesting people and tasted very delicious foods. As March & April are asparagus months, we came across a wide range of dishes using this miracle plant. And, the great surprise was the wild [...]


Cute deviled eggs

by smth good on January 29, 2011

in appetizers

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They are popular in many parts of the world, but in Romania deviled eggs are mandatory appetizers. For Christmas and Easter. And weddings. And birthday parties. And regular Sundays. They might be used as a grading systems for any household and any cook though recipes over here are pretty standardized: boiled egg yolks, mustard, mayonnaise [...]


Scallops with mushrooms (Video recipe)

by smth good 7 January 2011 appetizers
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When we have prepared this recipe for our online culinary magazine, we stared at the scallops first. It’s a ritual, really. They are so beautiful and delicate and they taste heavenly! Like many other seafood, scallops do not need intense cooking as you don’t want to turn them into rubber. This is a simple, yet [...]

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