Grilled vegetables salad

by smth good on August 28, 2012

in salads

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I might have been away for too long… Foodbuzz (as I knew it) is gone, some of the food blogs I used to read are no longer available… Where is everyone? Anyway, in search of the foodies and the community that was so great at sharing recipes and other good stuff,  I almost forgot about [...]


Black Locust Flower Doughnuts

by smth good on May 4, 2012

in desserts

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Our locust trees are in bloom. I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel having my ice tea on the terrace in the morning. It’s bliss, it’s close to perfection. But as you are aware, locust flowers don’t last long. As a matter of fact, they are in full bloom for a [...]


Lemon Cream

by smth good 6 February 2012 desserts
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Well, it’s snowing a lot over here since mid January and it doesn’t seem to stop. With so much snow around, traffic is just one of those things I’m avoiding . Cooking, on the other hand, seems the perfect past time for me and my family, especially during weekends when preparing a three course meal [...]

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Chicken Biryani

by smth good 30 November 2011 meat&poultry
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After our adventure with the Uzbek plov, we have continued to cook rice in all kinds and forms: pilaf, risotto and now… biryani. It’s a complete dish, full of flavours and richness; it takes almost 2 hours to prepare it but it’s worth it – slow food as comfort food, I like to call it. [...]

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Broccoli, lime and shrimp cream soup

by smth good 23 October 2011 soups
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Enjoy a light dinner with this spectacular cream soup – broccoli with a splash of lime and topped with spicy shrimps. Serves 4, prep. time 40 minutes Utensils: a skillet, a blender, a frying pan Ingredients: 1,2 kilograms frozen broccoli 600 ml vegetable stock 200 ml heavy cream 1 tbsp grated lime zest 5 tbsp [...]

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Roast duck with sour cabbage

by smth good 16 October 2011 meat&poultry
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I’ve been busy. Celebrating my son’s birthday, my husbands’ and my own. Busy anniversary season over here and lots of parties. Appart from all those delicious cakes (the recipes will follow soon), I wanted to share with you a really impressive recipe that is quite popular in Romania in the cold season – roast duck [...]

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Pollo alla Parmigiana

by smth good 20 September 2011 meat&poultry
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Whenever I have to prepare a dinner for more than 6 people, I start cheating . I want to spend the time wisely in the kitchen and I don’t want to be late with dinner and stuck there for another hour after guests arrived. Therefore, choosing the right courses is crucial; I want something elaborate [...]

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Plum cake

by smth good 6 September 2011 desserts
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Each year on the 1st of September, I start looking for signs of autumn. I love autumn or at least the idea of it. Nice temperatures, exquisite sunsets, fallen leaves are the best premises for long meditative walks as one can see in the movies. No signs of autumn here yet – temperatures are still [...]

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Curry, paprika & thyme poussins

by smth good 22 August 2011 meat&poultry
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A couple of days ago, I went to a farmers’ market to buy some chicken meat. One stand was selling poussins, two pieces per package. Grain fed, 450 gr each, beautiful poussins, excellent for roasting. And I was just standing there, staring while the seller kept asking me how many I want. Do you know why? [...]

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Porcini stuffed peppers

by smth good 15 August 2011 veggie
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It was called “the wild mushroom par excellence” (by the Italian chef Antonio Carluccio) and it’s one of the most appreciated edible mushrooms in European cuisines. It’s Boletus edulis / porcini (Italy) / penny bun (UK) / cèpe (France) and it is Europe’s second most sought-after mushroom after truffles. Wait, there’s more : it has lots [...]

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